I had previously worked with children for many years before deciding to follow a passion i'd had to work with animals. I took the plunge and changed careers to become a dog walker. During this time, after seeing many dogs with behavioural issues (a few of the dogs I walked and many that I came across in the park), I decided I would like to make a difference in some way to help them and their human parents.

I started my journey training with the IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers), but soon realised I had a slight addiction to learning as much as possible which led me to 'The Clever Dog Company' run by Sarah Whitehead. Sarah is one of the UK's best pet behavioural counsellors, who has written many bestselling books and has appeared on television and radio many times - I knew I was getting the best training around!

It soon became apparent that not only did I want to train dogs, in a force free, positive way, I wanted to know the root causes of certain behaviours.  Under Sarah Whitehead's guidance I became a 'Clever Dog Company Method Licensed Trainer' and have completed the 'Think Dog Certificate' as well as many other practical courses and seminars. I am currently working on the Think Dog Intermediate course.  I am also a member of Sarah Whitehead's Inner Circle the UK's only online mentoring and CPD platform. 

Animals, just llike people all have very different and individual personalities. I have a son who is very outgoing and a daughter who was very shy (not so much now). My cats are also both very different, one visits everyone in the neighbourhood whilst the other is very shy and nervous and nobody would know I have her. So I guess with that in mind I am drawn to more shy and nervous dogs.. saying that i'm drawn to every dog I see!

We all have moments when we feel nervous or not so confident about a situation and having an understanding about how our dogs must feel when facing the same feelings is very important.

Helping dog parents, so they can help their puppies gain confidence to go out into the world is so important in preventing any unwanted behaviour in the future and helping shy and nervous dogs to become so much more braver has got to be the most rewarding thing.  

I have a beautiful GSD x Rottweiler who is the light of my life and it has been a pleasure to see her grow into such a kind and gentle young lady which is what we all want when we first get our puppy, so helping other dog parents get the same pleasure and watching the bond between them grow is so very rewarding.

I am also an Advanced Animal Reiki Practitioner, mentored by Sarah Berrisford at Epona Equine Reiki & Therapy Centre and a Certified Level II Practitioner, mentored by Torsten Alexander Lange at the Reiki Academy London.

I am fully enhanced CRB/DBS checked and insured.